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Valerie Henderson 10/22/07 Light Reactions of Photosynthesis Abstract : The process of photosynthesis is carried out by autotrophic plants. It takes place in the stomata of the leaves and involves the intake of carbon dioxide and sunlight and the production of water and glucose. The plant uses glucose as its energy source for cellular processes, but first it must perform cellular respiration to transform the glucose into a form that can be used by the plant. Photosynthesis uses two light reactions, called Photosystems I and II. Photosystem II has a maximum wavelength absorption of 680nm and Photosystem I has a maximum wavelength absorption of 700nm. The light captured by the cell is sent to Photosystem II, which splits water into oxygen, hydrogen and electrons, activates the electrons there and they are transported by the electron transport chain to Photosystem I. This experiment is to determine the absorption spectrum of chlorophyll and test the flow of electrons through the electron transport chain. I hypothesized that in the first experiment, the DCMU will steal the electrons before they reach the electron transport chain so the DCPIP will have no electrons to steal and there will be no color change and absorbancy will be high. In the second experiment, I hypothesized that the DCPIP will only steal electrons from the electron transport chain and a color change will be noticed only with the tube that doesn’t have any DCMU in it. We found that when the DCPIP is introduced to the chloroplast, the color changes from blue to clear because of the reduction due to electrons being stolen from the electron chain and there is a decrease in light absorption. When DCMU is introduced, it steals the electrons in the electron transport chain before the DCPIP is able to steal them and there
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lab 8 - Valerie Henderson 10/22/07 Light Reactions of...

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