lab 10 - Valerie Henderson 10/29/07 Lab# 10 Mendelian...

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Valerie Henderson 10/29/07 Lab# 10 Mendelian Genetics Abstract : The genus Drosophila belongs to the order diptera and the class insecta. These eukaryotic organisms are genetically well-known. There are 4 distinct stages in the female life cycle: adult, egg, larva (1-3 instar), and pupa. Females are larger than males, the male abdomen is more round and blunt and the female’s is sharp and protruding, the black pigment in females is only present in the dorsal region, males have a soft tuft of black bristles (sex comb) at the basal joint of each front leg. In this experiment, we are trying to figure out if Aldox gene is autosomal or sex linked and if it’s recessive or dominant. We used flies possessing the AO+ as our positive control because they were the “true breeders” for the AO enzyme and a group of AO- as our negative control because they are the mutants and have no AO enzyme. We combined an AO- female and an AO+ male and the offspring were all AO+ demonstrating that the mutation is recessive because ¾ of the F2 generation were carriers of the mutation allele but it wasn’t expressed in their phenotypes and only ¼ had the mutation and were AO-. The allele is autosomal recessive because the mutation is only in ¼ of the offspring and if it was dominant, we would expect to see it expressed in ¾ of the offspring in this experiment. The gene is autosomal because if it were sex-linked, all the males would have the same phenotype and they don’t. Introduction:
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lab 10 - Valerie Henderson 10/29/07 Lab# 10 Mendelian...

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