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Pre-Lab worksheet #2 Lab 2: Alcohol effects on membranes Name: Valerie Henderson Please write a response in no more than 4 grammatically correct sentences. This sheet is due  at the start of your lab. 1. (1.5  points) Name the alcohols used in today’s lab and write their chemical structure. The alcohols used in today’s lab are ethanol CH 3 CH 2 OH, methanol CH 3 OH, and propanol  CH 3 CH 2 CH 2 OH. 2. (1.5 points) How are you going to determine the severity of damage done to a  membrane in this lab? The red pigment will leak into the surrounding environment. The darker the color, the more  damage done to the membrane. 3. (1 point) What is a tonoplast and how does it figure into today’s lab experiment. A tonoplast is a membrane-bound vacuole and is found in plant cells. It is large and typically  contains water. The tonoplast in beet plants contains a water-soluble red pigment that remains 
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Unformatted text preview: in the vacuole when the cell is healthy but when the membrane is damaged, the red pigment spills out of the cell. We will use this red pigment leakage to show how the alcohols damage the cells and their membranes. 4. (1 point) Name the independent and dependent variable in this lab and on which axis is each plotted The independent variable is the beet because we know it is healthy when the tonoplast is in it and not outside of the membrane. The dependent variables are the alcohol because they are going to have different effects on the tonoplast of the beet. The independent is plotted on the x axis and the dependent is plotted on the y axis....
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