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Lab 10: Mendelian Genetics Name: Valerie Henderson Biology 171L Please answer the following questions in three grammatically correct sentences or less. Turn this page in to your TA at the start of your lab. 1. (1 point) What is a Punnett Square and how is it employed in genetics? A punnet square is a diagram for predicting the results of a genetic cross between individuals of known genetic makeup. It is used to show the probability of an offspring to have alleles for certain traits based on the alleles of their parents. 2. (1 point) Define “wild type”. Wild type is the normal, or common phenotype in a population.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. (1 point) How will you test for the presence of the AO gene in today’s lab. We will test for the presence of AO with an enzyme spot test (or spot assay). 4. (2 point) If you propose that the presence of the AO gene is a recessive trait, what prediction will you make about the phenotype of the F1 generation. Also create a Punnett Square to assist in your prediction. A + O + A-O-Non of the offspring will have the AO trait but will be carriers of the trait because only one of their parents has the trait and it is recessive. AA-AO-AO-OO-...
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