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Lab 11: Population Genetics Name: Pre-Lab Worksheet Biology 171L Please answer the following questions in three grammatically correct sentences or less. Turn this page in to your TA at the start of your lab. 1. (1 point) List the conditions under which Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium remains true. The Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium is true if the population is large, matings are random, there are no net changes in the gene pool due to mutation (mutation A to a is equal to a to A), there is no migration of individuals into or out of the population, and there is no selection (all genotypes are equal in reproductive success). 2.(4 points) a). What is meant when you say the alleles in a population are in equilibrium? The alleles in a population are in equilibrium when the frequency of two alleles in a population of organisms is the same. b). If a population (alleles) remains in equilibrium, what effect do you think this equilibrium would have on a
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Unformatted text preview: populations ability to evolve. The population wont be able to evolve because the alleles are not changing and the population will have the same phenotype and not be able to change and adapt to their changing evnvironment. c). What does it mean when you say an allele becomes fixed? An allele becomes fixed when all members of the population are homozygous and no other alleles for this locus exist in the population. d). How would you define gene flow. Could it be a factor in Hawaii, for example? Gene flow is the movement of genes from one population to another by interbreeding of individuals in the two populations. This could be a factor in Hawaii if gene flow happens between agricultural crops and native Hawaiian plant species may cause the native plants to die out....
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