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Pre-lab 1 - 4 What type of solution do you think will...

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Valerie Henderson Pre-lab 1: 1. How would you define ‘hypothesis” to a non-science friend? A hypothesis is an educated guess as to what the outcome of a science experiment will be. It is an attempt to explain how something happens when the process by which it happens is not clear. 2. What is the unit of conductivity used in this lab? The unit of conductivity in this lab is microsiemens per centimeter. 3. What type of data will you collect in this experiment? We will collect data about which solution conducts electricity best. The data will be how many microsiemens per centimeter of electricity are conducted by each solution.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. What type of solution do you think will conduct more electricity-an ionic or molecular solution? The ionic solutions will conduct more electricity because they are composed of water and water is a good conductant. 5. What type of positive control do you think would be needed in today’s experiment and are we using one? The positive control needed in our lab is a type of water so all the compounds will be exposed to the same kind of solution. Our control in this lab is distilled water....
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