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The logic of experiment 2

The logic of experiment 2 - membranes and their lipids The...

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The logic of experiment 2- Valerie Henderson The main purpose of the lab is to determine the stress that various alcohols have on biological membranes. The hypothesis we seek to test in this experiment is which alcohol is most dangerous. I think proponal will be the most deadly to the beet in the smallest concentration because it is fatal to living organisms if they consume it. The key question this experiment seeks to answer is which alcohol is most deadly at the lowest concentration. The controls involved in this experiment are the beets. The key concepts or theories behind this experiment are that alcohols are damaging to
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Unformatted text preview: membranes and their lipids. The experiment is based on the following assumptions: the tonoplasts in beets will spill out of the cell when they are damaged and that alcohol will damage the cells and make the tonoplasts spill out of the cells. The data that will be collected in this experiment are the absorbance levels of alcohol by the beets. The potential implications of this experiment are that the alcohol will be absorbed by the beets and that propanol will be the most deadly to the beets because it is the most deadly out of the alcohols we are testing....
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