essay #3 ad analysis

essay #3 ad analysis - Valerie Henderson English...

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Valerie Henderson English 100-Inserra 10/19/07 Kailua-Another Paradise? The advertisement is about the new homes to be built at Mauna Kea and it uses carefully selected words and beautiful pictures in an attempt to sell the stereotypical view of Hawai’i to those with deep pockets. A small paragraph tells the reader what kinds of homes will be offered-townhomes, villas, and estates- the paragraph also tells of the “[mystic]” views from these homes. There is an inset color picture of a beautiful home with a gorgeous pool. The main focus of the advertisement is a black and white picture of what is presumably a father and son on a golf course. The picture of the father and son on the golf course is shot at a medium distance from behind the subjects to give the viewer a feeling of what it would be like to be standing on the golf course with the father and son. The medium distance from the camera to the subjects blends the subjects with their environment. Seeing the view from behind the subjects emphasizes the scene of golfing right next to the ocean. The father and son are positioned in the left-hand corner of the page to leave room on the right-hand
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essay #3 ad analysis - Valerie Henderson English...

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