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reflection paper-Research Topic - attract more tourists and...

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Research Topic I would like to develop tourism as a topic for my research project. I am interested in tourism in Hawai’i because I have been both a tourist in Hawai’i and a resident in Hawai’i. Living here in Hawai’i and going to school this semester, I have new views and perspectives on tourism and its effect on Hawaiian culture and economy. I have learned there are more tourists on the island of Oahu than there are residents. Tourists are drawn to this paradise from all over the world, which is strange for me, living so close to popular tourist destinations in my home state of California like San Francisco, Los Angeles and beaches like Mavericks, Santa Cruz and Laguna. These places draw a large number of tourists but nothing like the amount of tourists Hawai’i draws. I could include in my paper facts like the number of tourists visiting Hawai’i each year and where in the world they come from. I could include which months of the year
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Unformatted text preview: attract more tourists and which islands and where on those islands tourists choose to stay. The types of things tourists spend their money on versus the types of things locals spend their money on would be interesting to find out. I should also look up when tourists started coming to Hawai’i and how the numbers have increased or decreased over the years of the history of tourism in Hawai’i. I could give a personal account of my own tourist experiences in my paper to make it have a more personal feeling and be more narrative in parts instead of being only informative. I also could include local residents’ perspectives on tourism in their homeland. I need to research how much money comes from tourism-cruises, hotels, restaurants, and forms of recreation. Tourism adds jobs to Hawai’i and I would need to have information about how many jobs tourism has created and how that has affected the poverty rate....
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reflection paper-Research Topic - attract more tourists and...

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