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reflection paper-why is college important

reflection paper-why is college important - wasn’t ready...

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I need to take a writing class because I am majoring in a science and having good writing skills is essential to communicate with others. I am going to need to be able to write well if I become a research scientist because I will need to write proposals, document my research, and communicate my findings with other scientists. Everyone needs to be a god writer. Writing is vital to everyone from teachers to construction workers. With the constant advancement of technology, and the use of computers for nearly everything, writing is often the most used form of communication. Even if you are just sending an email memo to your office, you need to be able to write in a way that you are understood and so much of people’s judgement of you is in how you carry yourself that if they only see you in writing, they might now think you are as smart or credible if you don’t write well. I need to go to college to further my education. After high school I
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Unformatted text preview: wasn’t ready to be done with school and get a job, so college was the next step. Growing up, my parents always had me on the college track because both of them went to college and all four of my grandparents went to college and so did all eight of my great-grandparents. In my family, college is not a choice, but a given. I’m glad my family has this attitude towards college because it is so important to go to college in today’s society. College graduation is important to employers because if you have graduated from college, you will most likely not need as much training as a person who hasn’t graduated from college. These next few years in college will also be a great life experience in meeting life-long friends, dealing with challenges and learning to balance priorities. College is such a great teacher of how to deal with people and work with what you have....
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