weekly 3 - Valerie Henderson Weekly #3 Chapter 4: Diaspora...

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Valerie Henderson Weekly #3 Chapter 4: Diaspora 1. 50 kya-60 kya: dramatic change to pace of human life, cultural evolution accelerated rapidly “cultural explosion” or a series of “sparks” rapid change in some area but not others - 50 kya: SW Asia develop new stone technologies -40 kya: Europe art - 45 kya: Australia, a third of the first settlement 2. The Late Ice Age World (50 kya- 15 kya) - 18 kya= height of last ice age glaciation, ice sheets between alps and Scandinavia made chilly corridor open tundra, sea level 90 m lower than now, Britain join to European continent, N.Sea under ice, could walk Turkey-> Bulgaria, vast treeless plains north and east from central Europe to frontiers of Siberia, rolling scrub country some river valleys very few game: mammoth, bison, reindeer most in river valleys - Tropical regions often drier, forests shrank, more open grasslands/woodlands, lower sea level exposed offshore islands became part of Asian mainland 3. The Peopling of SE Asia and Australia (45 kya- 15 kya) - H.sapiens appear in Southeast Asia 50 kya settlement conc. river valleys/lakes/shore - New Guinea: earliest settlement from Huon Peninsula (southeastern corner of island) fishermen living in caves by 32 kya, 4 kya-sailed to Buka where it be easier to colonize rest of Solomon Chain (islands separated by short distances) - Australia-35 kya=adapted to late Ice Age envir. like China and Japan, coastlines bordering chilly Ice Age seas 4. Late Ice Age Europe: The Cro-Magnons (43 kya- 15 kya) - first fully modern humans known, named after rock shelter in southwestern France, anatomically indistinguishable from ourselves, strongly built, large- headed people, settled in Southeast/central Europe by 43 kya in Neanderthal groups, 35 kya- Neanderthal density diminished, cro-magnon increased 5. cro-magnon - entered Europe during brief period of more temperate climate, climactic
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weekly 3 - Valerie Henderson Weekly #3 Chapter 4: Diaspora...

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