weekly 9 - Ch 10/11 Egypt and Africa/South Southeast and...

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Ch. 10/11: Egypt and Africa/South, Southeast and East Asia 1.Predynastic Egypt: Ancient Monopoly (5000-3100BC)-patchwork simple village farming communities banks Nile=natural highway->small kingdoms-local leaders->state, 3500-Nagada, Nekhen, This-dominated UpperEgypt+possible contact w/Arabia/swAsia,3100-political unity Upper/Lower Egypt-gods Heros+Seth, view of universe=structure of political power, nomarchs (leaders) responsible gradual coalescence->political/social groups/ order, 1 st pharoah-Narmer st ruler-King Horus Aha(3100), pharaoh-divine leader, centralized bureaucracy-directed labor, administered food storage, collected taxes. -Old Kingdom(2575-2134BC):well being people depend ruler supported-their labors, developed- 2649 death pharaoh Djoser-Imotep(architect)1 st step pyramid @ Saqqara, pharaoh death-join sun god. Khufu/Khafre-built pyramid tombs-Giza-2528Khufu-Great Pyramid Giza(7wonders). No written laws, 2180 drought undermine pharaoh->provinces -tax-by-labor: Egyptians worked short time pyramids, floodseason-organized 1000s construction teams fed local pyramid workers 3.Middle Kingdom(2040-1640BC):2134-Thebes(Upper Middle Egypt)supremacy-reunite series pharaohs <despotic, >approachable, rely bureaucracy->stockpile foods >ag, politic stability, exp overseas trade, military campaigns, centralized controlled state -17 th cent: Thebes 1000s Asians->Delta region, 2 kingdoms Lower(Hyksos kings) introduced >sophisticated bronze tech, horse-drawn chariot, new weapons=subsequent pharaohs leading role wider e.Mesopotamian world. 3.New Kingdom(1530-1075BC): began-series Theban rulers fought/conquered Hysksos Ahmose The Liberator->efficiently run military state/reward soldiers-land set tone > era Egyptian history, Thebes-capital, temple Amun @ Karnak-<3 sacred capital 1353-heretic Akhenaten-new royal capital-El-Amarna(downstream Thebes land not associated w/deity)-left priceless archaeological legacy 1333-Tut-troubled kingdom, advisors restore old spiritual order, ruled 10yr-immortality
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weekly 9 - Ch 10/11 Egypt and Africa/South Southeast and...

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