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weekly 10 - Valerie Henderson 11/15/07 Weekly #9 Chapter...

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Valerie Henderson 11/15/07 Weekly #9 Chapter 12: Lowland Mesoamerica 1.Beginnings: Preclassic Peoples in the Lowlands (2000BC-AD300): 2 mtn chains=back- bone, inland basin-5 lakes=<3 plateau, cool climate w/ rainfall june-nov=single crop/yr, lowland-hot/humid, s-hilly/tropical forest/lakes/swamps, northern-dried, 2000BC- sedentary villages dispersed sm communities, widely distributed food resources/raw materials=dependent neighbors, 1 st signs political/social-high/lowland 2000-1000BC= preclassic, sm/powerful chiefdoms=chief+nobility-different houses/shrines/religious 2.Olmec (1500-500BC): series chiefdoms along Gulf Coast-Veracruz/Tabasco, art, religious symbols/beliefs shared btw develop chiefdoms thru trade, swamps/lakes/rivers- fish/birds-left permanent imprint Mesoamerican, earliest @ San Lorenzo-wooded plains, 1250BC-farming dry gardens+fields on river levees=exceptional crop yields, erect ridges/ earthen mounds around platform-pyramids, traded obsidian/semiprecious stones w/ many parts, >kin groups own village land, La Venta->buildings/sculptures island middle of a swamp,long/low mounds surround rectangular plaza front >mound,faced walls/terraced mounds @ other end plaza, most important institutions-kingship-lords grafted ancient ideaology-shaman-king w/awesome supernatural powers 3.Origins Maya Civilization (b41000BC-AD300): roots-earlier cultural traditions lowland Hammond-trace roots back->2 nd millennium BC @ Cuello/N.Belize-smal Maya ceremonial center-12ft high platform w/low pyramid-larger til 400BC->converted ceremonial precinct w/wood/thatch temples -> large public arena=Maya elite? 4.San Bartolo, Nakbe, and El Mirador (1000-300BC): Guatemala (400-200) sm pyramid wall paintings-evidence Maya literate 2500yra. Nakbe+El Mirador-once linked-causeway Nakbe-650-450: huge platforms over ceremonial structures, raise pyramids-blank facades 150-50BC:El Mirador earliest Maya writing-inscribed on potsherds/stucco structures. grew-low/undulating terrain-flood during wet season, maze pyramids/plazas-200
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weekly 10 - Valerie Henderson 11/15/07 Weekly #9 Chapter...

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