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weekly 11 - Valerie Henderson Weekly#10 Chapter 13 Highland...

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Valerie Henderson 11/29/07 Weekly #10 Chapter 13: Highland Mesoamerica 1.Rise of the Highland Civilization:Valley Oaxaca (2000-500BC) : warm/semiarid valley Oaxaca-Zapotec people. 2000BC-maize/bean ag-dozens small villages/hamlets. Earliest farming villages-valley floors-H 2 O+,exp slopes cuz trade, 1300->San Jose Mogote-junct 3 valleys- thatched houses, conch shell trumpets/turtle shell drums, priests/officals-control labor/food supplies/temple/pyramid making 2.Monte Alban(500BC-AD750) : 900BC-hill/pop=5k, major state->150BC, elaborate- palaces/temples/plazas, 15 subdivisions, sm houses stone terraces, rulers/families lived complex buildings on Main Plaza, height power-200BC-rivaled Teotihuacan->traded. 3.Valley of Mexico:Teotihuacan(200BC-AD750) : 600 BC-chiefdom series ruled, 5 cent later- 2(Cuicuilco, Teotihuacan) battle top, volcano-bury-cuicuilco, Teotihuacan-voluntary/forced immigration?military conquest, serve artisanship/labor/army-pop similar w.Asia/China, trade- green obsidian 4 tropical products, food fm cultivation valley soil, swamp gardens, pilgrimage, sacred city->symbolic importance, community grew generations accord long-term master plan- >600pyramids/500workshops/marketplace/2,000appt complex/plazas->grid, city grouped wards- kin/commercial, standardized walled residence compounds (barrios). Sacred Cave- under Pyramid Sun=entryway->underworld, powerful myth/line=setting sun->calendar dates- >city=symbolic landscape commemorating creation->gods. Human sacrifice-assc w/ feathered serpent(storm god)/movements Venus, impact=economic/ideaological/cultural not political. AD650-ideaology->militaristic, end-AD750-Ciudadela(axis earth rotated on)attacked-temples /palaces burned/razed 4.Toltecs(AD650-1200 ): Teotihuacan collapse-people out, sm Toltecs: various tribal groups, control much Mexico, 1000-Toltec lords imposing pyramids, 2 ball courts, Spanish Conquistadors-learned another version legend creation. 5.Aztec Civilization(AD1200-1521) :political vacuum-Valley Mexico-Mexica(Azteca) fm Aztlan->god guide Huitzilopochtli-rec Spanyards, fierce/ruthless warriors-mercanaries Tezozomoc-death 1426-Aztec Itzcoatl-attack Tepanecs->masters, burn histories. 6.Tenochtitlan:
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  • andean civilizations, lake titicaca, Moche society, nuture sun w/, Human sacrifice-assc w/, pyramid temple-align w/

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weekly 11 - Valerie Henderson Weekly#10 Chapter 13 Highland...

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