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essay #4 food - The Janice Popcorn Meal My best friend's...

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The Janice Popcorn Meal My best friend’s mom is an amazing cook and loves to make food for me and my five best friends: Anna, Emily, Monica, Milena and Elyse. I have been best friends with these five girls since seventh grade and it is customary for the six of us to be found in Elyse’s bedroom blasting classic rock and telling stories. We love going to Elyse’s house because her mom, Janice, is like a second mother to all of us and it can always be guaranteed that she will make us her amazing popcorn, orange slices and grilled cheese sandwiches. “I hate cheese, but Janice’s grilled cheese sandwiches are so amazing-they are one of my favorite foods,” Anna responded when I asked her about this special meal. I call the popcorn Janice makes “The Janice Popcorn.” This popcorn is the most amazing popcorn one will ever taste. I guarantee it. One bite of this delicious, butter soaked treat makes me feel like I would never want to eat any other food in the entire world. The first step to making this delectable treat is to use a microwave air popper to pop plain popcorn kernels. The secret ingredient Janice uses is coconut oil mixed in the kernels instead of plain butter or vegetable oil (Jovanovich). Once the popcorn has popped, the next step is to heat butter in the microwave. The secret in this step is to heat the butter to a very hot temperature so it clarifies and once it is clarified, scoop off the top layer of fat. Janice then pours the popcorn into her popcorn bowl which is metal and has
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essay #4 food - The Janice Popcorn Meal My best friend's...

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