essay #1 autobiography

essay #1 autobiography - "Dude, you get to go to...

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“Dude, you get to go to Hawai’i. You’re hella lucky, man.” My best friend, Elyse, said as she tried to rearrange the things in my suitcase so we could actually get it closed. “Yeah, for real, I’m stoked.” I replied as hurried to shove one last pair of slippers into my bag before Elyse closed it. Elyse was helping me pack for my flight in the morning to go to college. She has been my best friend since the seventh grade. We even had a big plan for her to come to the airport with me that involved her walking me to my gate and getting escorted out by security for trying to go past the security check point to say goodbye to me, but my dad was just dropping me off at the airport on his way to work so this would have to be my last goodbye to my best friend. “Alright, that’s it; they won’t let you take any more shit, man. I’m gonna go and get some sleep but I will see you in the morning before you leave.” After Elyse left, I looked around my room, at my bright yellow walls and all the
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This essay was uploaded on 04/13/2008 for the course ENGL 100 taught by Professor Nadja during the Fall '07 term at Hawaii.

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essay #1 autobiography - "Dude, you get to go to...

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