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Bear Valley 1.To get to Bear Valley: drive up highway 4 and as you climb higher in elevation, you will start to see more and more snow, keep going. You will climb taller and taller hills and the road starts to get curvier. Finally, once you get to the last hill, as you crest the top, you will see a flat spot at the bottom and a large wooden sign with two bear paw prints. You are at Bear Valley Village. A two and a half mile drive up the hill and you are at Bear Valley Mountain Resort, Alpine County, California. 2. The place is called Bear Valley and it is in Alpine County, California. Bear Valley consists of a ski resort and a small village with a few shops, condos, houses and a lodge. This resort is home to Mt. Reba, commonly known by locals and devoted skiers as Bear Valley. Bear Valley is located between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite. 3. Mt. Reba was first opened as a public ski resort in winter 1967. The first inhabitants in Alpine County were the Native American tribe, the Washoe. Alpine County became a county in 1864 during the silver rush.
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