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Valerie Henderson 10-24-07 MOP Methods: I will learn about shark behavior and how they react to constant human contact. I will be using Bamboo sharks for my studies. I will acquire the sharks as pups so they will have never seen humans. I will have two different tanks, each with five sharks in it. The sharks will be kept in two 500 gallon each tanks at the Waikiki Aquarium. One tank of sharks will have contact with humans and the other tank of sharks will have no contact with humans. My goal is to observe which sharks are more aggressive towards humans- the one in contact with humans, or the one not in contact with humans. This experiment will last for three months to ensure that the sharks are only being affected by the conditions of this experiment and are not being influenced by past events or experiences in their lives. With one tank, I will feed him so that he can see I am the one providing the food, and with the other sharks, I will wrap a dark cloth around their tank so they are
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Unformatted text preview: unable to see where the food is coming from and will hopefully think the food is coming from the environment and not from a human. To introuduce the goldfish to the tank with the sheet and not be seen, I will pour the goldfish out of the bag and into the tank. At the end of the tree months, I will see how each shark reacts to my delightful assistant being in each of their tanks. A positive reaction towards humans would be if the sharks swim with the person and a negative/aggressive reaction would be if the sharks try to attack the person. Materials: I will definitely need two tanks which at least 500 gallons. I will also need plants found in their natural habitats such as coral and seaweed. I will need goldfish to feed them with. I will need a large black sheet to put around the shark’s tank so he does not see the outside world and thinks he’s in the ocean....
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