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Shayan Ghose Mod 4 2-12-08 Journal Response #4, 5, 12 What are some ways to increase your threshold for a higher level of self-esteem? There are a few things that one could do to boost their self-esteem but there is one that I think is the most important – try to be good at one thing. No matter what this thing is – sports, academics, community service, etc – one should always try to their best in this. By doing their best and excelling in this one activity, a person will have pride in doing something well and will have a high self-esteem. Do you see a relationship between your current self-esteem threshold and how well you deal with stress? Yes, often times when my self-esteem is high, I am better able to cope with stress. For example, I was able to cope the death of my grandmother in a manageable way because my self-esteem was high so I was able to accept her passing with better ease.
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Unformatted text preview: Try to identify five characteristics that make you unique and give you a sense of empowerment, five role models, and five friends or groups of people you consider part of your support system. Five characteristics that make you unique and give you a sense of empowerment 1) Being from a good family and trying to keep up the heritage. 2) Doing well in my studies makes me feel good about myself. 3) Always trying to do the right thing no matter what the peer pressure is. 4) Playing Viola at a high level and maintaining that level. 5) Being a good brother and always trying to do the best for him. Five friends or groups of people 1) My mother 2) My Father 3) My Elder cousin (Rita Roy) 4) My Grandfather (Uma Ghose) 5) A friend of my parents (Rama Parai)...
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