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Thwab (I apologize if I spelled your name incorrectly), I was the one who made the comment about Faraj not deserving after sympathy. After reading your response, I stand corrected: I was not thinking about the effects of living in a refugee camp. Also, your point about his need for love and affection really explains his emotions later on in the documentary. In addition, you also made a good point about the wealth status of Yarko and Daniel. They are not emotionally attached to Faraj because they have other things going on in their life. It is easy for them to forget because they have other things to look forward to. Comparatively, Faraj is more desperate and partially explains why he cries in front of all the other children. Faraj would look forward to the day to meet Yarko and Daniel again while Y&D may see it as more of a burden. Building from your point about Faraj needing love and affection, it’s possible that after the meeting with Yarko, and Daniel, Faraj began to lose that love/affection/hope that he
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