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GYm Project - Shayan Ghose 3/18/08 Mod 8 Gym Project...

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Shayan Ghose Mod 8 3/18/08 Gym Project – Current Trends The title of the article that I chose is Quick, Do You Know Your BMI? , by Abby Ellin. The New York Times published the article in December 28th, 2006. I found that the article was informative and touched many of the major issues with BMI. A summary of the article is given below. The article begins by giving a few applications of the BMI (Body Mass Index) in the world today. For example, if an American parent wants to adopt a child from China, their BMI must be below a 40. This requirement was put in place by the China Center of Adoption Affairs to screen prospective parents to make sure that they were healthy. Another example of the use of BMI was by Madrid. In Madrid, runway models cannot “walk the strip” is their BMI is below an 18.5. A low BMI could be potentially dangerous and Madrid wanted to protect its models from such a risk. Also the BMI is used by many health agencies and is used as a determinant of one’s health. The article continues and talks about how the BMI is calculated. The BMI is
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GYm Project - Shayan Ghose 3/18/08 Mod 8 Gym Project...

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