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chapter 6 vocab words quadriviam scholasticism trivium chapter 6 notes - cicero was the classical rhetorician that had the most influence on the middle ages - people were more suspicious of rhetoric because it came from pagan rome to christian - only had a few documents that weren't destroyed, dont know whats in context or out of context - people would only take certain lines from works and use them out of context, people
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Unformatted text preview: were illiterate and were taken out of context-3 rhetorical arts of middle ages 1. preaching-major way to convey information because people couldn't read or write-media of the time-way to decide what's good or bad 2. letter writing 3. poetry-cicero's 5 canons-constantine make it legal to be a christian and with the help of the military, he forced it down the people's throats-...
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