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unit 1 introductory assignment

unit 1 introductory assignment - Name Unit I Homework...

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Name: Unit I Homework Answer the questions below; answers are either your opinion or can be found on our WebCT Orientation documents or website. Become familiar with our course site before you attempt this assignment. You can copy and paste information to save yourself time. Either leave the question before typing your answer below it —or use the question in part of the answer. 1. What is the Name, Phone Number and Office Location of your instructor? Instructor: Professor Gail Youth Office Location: MT426 Office Phone:: 301-279-5340 2. Briefly explain how your course grade is computed. Add up every point you have earned, and divide that by the total number of points possible. This will be the grade percentage for the class, using the scale: Course grades will follow a traditional grading scale: 90-100 A; 80-89 B; 70-79 C; 60-69 D; below 60 F. 1 point will be deducted for each error on homework. 3 points will be taken off for each error on the application test.
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