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Kaiser Lab2-2 Input Paper

Kaiser Lab2-2 Input Paper - Ms Young CA 120 January 5 2007...

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Ms. Young CA 120 January 5, 2007 Input without Wires On any given day, you encounter wireless technologies being used for a wide range of communications. Television remote controls, baby monitors, remote garage door openers, and cellular telephones, for example, all use wireless technologies to communicate with other devices. Wireless technologies also allow input devices, such as the keyboards and mouse, to communicate with a computer. A wireless keyboards and wireless mouse communicate with a computer using one of the two wireless technologies: infrared or radio frequency technology. Infrared technology uses light waves to transmit signals to other infrared-enabled devices. Infrared-enabled devices, such as a notebook computer or PDA, have a small, red plastic covered IrDA (Infrared Data Association) port that transmits and receives signals. Infrared technology, however only can transmit signals approximately three feet, and the two IrDA ports must be in direct line with each other to communicate. Given the clutter on most people’s desks and the constant movement of a mouse,
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