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Personal Music Idioculture Essay From a musical foundation in elementary school characterized by singing archetypal children’s songs such as “The Farmer in the Dell” to an increasingly advanced musical experience in high school, my academic career has been both shaped and defined by the opportunity to study and explore the world of music. Some of my earliest musical memories place me back in elementary school- singing, dancing, and exploring rhythm and melody through instruments such as the maracas, bongo drums and the recorder. These early musical memories laid groundwork for my own exploration into playing the violin and various percussion instruments in my high school marching band. These musical experiences throughout my life thus far have played an integral role in my development, providing me with my favorite memories, a form of personal expression, as well as an appreciation for the intricate and complex world of music. As a future elementary school teacher, I hope to utilize my musical background in the classroom, providing my students with opportunities to explore the musical world- opportunities similar to those that I was able to receive as a young student.
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MUED155IDIOCULTUREESSAY - Personal Music Idioculture Essay...

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