Rauch outline - One day is enough rapid and specific...

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One day is enough: rapid and specific host-parasite interactions in a stickleback-trematode system Gisep Rauch, Marin Kalbe, and Thorsten B.H. Reusch Title : This title is accurate and inviting. It very accurately describes what the paper and research deal with and the first phrase catches the reader’s attention. Introduction : This paper addresses the scientific theory that the adaptive immune system found in many vertebrates, and specifically the stickleback fish, is too slow to have any noticeable effect on parasite infection. A specific hypothesis wasn’t explicitly stated; this study was mostly an investigation into parasite infection dynamics. The question being investigated was whether there was genotype by genotype specificity in host defense or parasite infection. Methods : The researchers used five trematode individuals to produce a stock of clones that would be used to infect fish. Five families of sticklebacks were produced and five fish from each family were used for infection. One fish was infected with one clone of parasite to produce 25 host-parasite pairs. After one week the fish were killed, dissected, and parasite numbers in the lenses were counted. To investigate the effects of long term infection, and to rule out any other source of parasite mortality, twenty additional fish were infected with all of the parasite clones. Numbers of parasites present in the eye were estimated visually after one and nine days. These methods seem adequate to provide reliable results. However, the paper led me to believe that cloning parasites and raising fish was not a very
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Rauch outline - One day is enough rapid and specific...

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