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CAT1 Lecture 10-17-06 - Paper #3 o Due this Thursday o Length: 2 pages o Adorno argues that there is basically no difference between all forms of light art, as the point is always escapism. Is he right? o First, explain his argument. Then, either support of dispute his assertion using either An example of art that looks escapist, but isn’t, or Art that looks deep but is actually escapist o It would probably work best to draw your example from TV or music. If you want to use some other form of light art, that’s OK- just check with your TA or prof first. o Note: - Essentializing o Making the common assumption that something is true or real in and of itself o Without taking into account the cultural and historical context from which it grows o Results in oversimplifications of complex situations, and frequently reflect someone’s political agenda, or a cultural blindness, more than reality. - Quick review o Use-value: what value you place on an object o Exchange value: the value that a commodity gets when supply meets demand on
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Unformatted text preview: the open market o-Fetishized lifestyles o Light music has been fetishized: it only provides little musical hooks and meaningless attitude o Hip hop does the same thing that pop does, and pop does the same thing that classic rock does: allows ppl to escape and avoid thinking about life o That is, there is no real use-value o What’s the difference between these styles? Marketing. That’s it. Exchange-value masquerading as use-value-How is this possible? o The power of culture-producing industries (music, fashion, etc.) “lies in the promotion and exploitation of the ……”-Consumer Producer -Exchange-value -Merchants of Cool: o It is similar to the one Adorno makes, but it has been updated, because pop=culture consumers today are more tuned in to manipulation o Therefore, new methods for manipulation have been invented, but the system works slightly differently o As it goes along, outline the argument the filmmaker is saying-...
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