chap 2 - PSY 153 Mc/B - FHS Chapter II Study Guide Sexual...

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PSY 153 Mc/B - FHS – Chapter II Study Guide Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy Know (in general terms) : 1. The definitions of the glossary terms in the margins which are not specifically cited in the study guide items below- SEE BACK 2. What knowledge of the sexual anatomy can do for us- can make you more comfortable with yourself and help you derive maximum enjoyment and satisfaction from your experiences, protect your reproductive health and know when you need help 3. The structures included in, and the function of, the vulva (See also Figure 2.1, p.45) - all of the external female genital structures, contains #s 4-9 and 11 The location, structures or features, and functions (if any) of: 4. the mons pubis – mound of fatty tissue covering the female public bone 10. See below 16. the cervix- narrowest and outermost part of the uterus, innermost part of the vagina 5. the labia majora- outer lips, protect vaginal and urethral openings by closing when unaroused, when aroused they engorge and open so the opening is exposed 11. the perineum- muscular region between the vaginal opening and the anal opening 17. See below 6. the labia minora- small, hairless folds, joins to the mons pubis to form the clitoral hood, they also protect 12. See below 18. The uterus- hollow, muscular pear shaped organ 3 by 2 inches, uterine corpus- central, uterine isthmus- narrower between the corpus and the cervix, uterine fundus- domelike rounded top. 7. the vestibule- the area between the labia minora, where the vaginal and urethral openings are located 13. See below 19. See below 8. the clitoris- cylindrical structure composed of shaft and glans found below the mons pubis and under the clitoral hood 14. See below 20. the fallopian tubes- a tube that runes from the uterus to each ovary, also called the oviduct, where fertilization takes place 9. the clitoral hood- the tissue that covers the clitoris and moves back and forth across the clit to provide pleasure and protect from direct stimulation 15. the vagina- tubular structure, 4 inches long when aroused, opening at one end and cervix at the other, stretchy, stimulation on the outer 3 rd 21. the ovaries- two solid egg shaped structures located near the ends of the fallopian tubes, they’re not attached but are held in place by the pelvic wall and ovarian ligaments, produce the egg cells 10. The religious and cultural significance given the hymen, historically- a thin ring of tissue partially covering the vaginal opening, purpose unclear, most religions believe it is the signal of female virginity, “token of virginity” in the bible refers to the bed clothes of the couples honeymoon night with blood from the hymen on it 12. The features of the three forms of female genital mutilation (FGM)- the ritual removal of some or all vulval structures for non therapeutic reasons, sunna- removal of the clitoral hood w/ or w/o part of the clit, excision or clitoridectomy- removal of all or part of the clit and labia minora, everything within the labia majora is scraped away- 80%, infibulations- 15%, most extreme,
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chap 2 - PSY 153 Mc/B - FHS Chapter II Study Guide Sexual...

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