chap 5 - PSY 153 Mc/B - FHS - Chapter V Study Guide Know...

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PSY 153 Mc/B - FHS - Chapter V Study Guide Know (in general terms): 1. The definitions of the glossary terms in the margins, which are not specifically cited in the study guide items below- (see below) 2. How to contrast contraception with abortifacience (Ask me how the authors err.)- contraception- prevents conception and abortifacients- terminate after conceptions 3. What have been and are motives for controlling reproduction- contraception, pregnancy and childbirth represent a health risk to women, new motivations- increasing world population and a desire for reproductive autonomy 4. The reasons for concern over the rapid growth of the world's population- by 2050 there will be up to 12 billion ppl. 1. not enough resources 2. diseases 3. decline in parasite killing orgs 4. urbanizing new areas means new diseases 5. higher poverty—malnutrition, illness and premie death 5. Why poor families in under-developed countries have large families- parents depend on kids to support them 6. How to identify Margaret Sanger- birth control advocate, fled US, arrested for opening a birth control limit, nurse in an abortion clinic, American birth control league, planned parenthood federation 7. What contraception makes possible for women- gain control over time, spacing of pregnancies, number of kids or wheather to have children, gives women the freedom to learn, work and get financial independence 8. The surest methods of contraception and what constitutes its most viable option- abstinence/ outercorse 9. Why and how communication is so important to effective contraception- effects contraceptive use, more likely to use if good communications 10. The major determinant of contraceptive choice- assessment of risks and effectiveness 11. The physical considerations of contraception use- hormones, protects against STDs 12. The psychological considerations of contraception use- some people are less likely to use some methods effectively if t hey’re uncomfortable with them, men don’t use condoms because they believe they reduce sensitivity, methods that require interruption of foreplay 13. What would characterize the perfect contraceptive- safe, foolproof, no side effects, protects from STDs, spontanios 14. The most commonly used methods for all women, for young women and the significant trend in contraceptive use since the early 1980s- the pill 15. What are the chances of getting pregnant in a year and why douching is not a birth control method- 85% and 1000s of sperm have already traveled far enough up the vag they are unaffected
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chap 5 - PSY 153 Mc/B - FHS - Chapter V Study Guide Know...

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