chap 8 - PSY 153 Mc/B - FHS Chapter VIII Study Guide Know...

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PSY 153 Mc/B - FHS – Chapter VIII Study Guide Know (in general terms): 1. The definitions of the glossary terms in the margins which are not specifically cited in the study guide items below- see bottom 2. The two processes on which prenatal differentiation depends- sex chromoasomes and hormones 3. How to discuss nature's predisposition toward female development- no additional hormones are needed to create ext and int structures 4. From what chromosome abnormalities result, and how many have been reported- extra or missing chromosomes, over 70 types The features, cause(s) and treatments, if any, of: 5. Klinefelter's syndrome- XXY- not all the way manly, give testosterone at birth, doesn’t correct infert 9. See below 6. Turner's syndrome- XO- feminine characteristics w/ no ovaries, no mature past puberty unless hormones, short, webbed neck, give estrogens- can trigger menstruation, boobs and genital maturation 10. Congenital adrenal hyperplasia- adnrenogenital syndrome, glans too much testoseron, precocious or premature puberty (5 yrs), for girls they develop masculine external genetals, can be treated if caught early otherwise, will grow increasingly masculine 7. Intersexuality or Hermaphroditism- from hermes- love boy and Aphrodite- love boy, ambigious genitals at birth 11. Androgen insensitivity syndrome ( AIS )- when boys produce normal amounts of androgens but the targe cells are unresponsive, lacks internal reproductive system 8. Pseudohermaphroditism - XY w/ fem int and amb/ man ext 9. What is involved in hormonal effects on sexual development- alter the formation of the hypothalamus 12. How to distinguish between sex and gender- sex- biological differences, gender- psychosocial condition of being fem or masc, societal differences 13. The common expectations for men and women in U.S. society- men- providers, initiators in relationships, sports, women- caregiver, even if she had a job, that is second to the mans job, appearance, more involved with children 14. The recent changes seen today from the traditional gender roles – father is more envolved, women have careers, women are more assertive, men are more concerned with their appearance
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chap 8 - PSY 153 Mc/B - FHS Chapter VIII Study Guide Know...

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