chap 11 - PSY 153 Mc/B FHS Chapter XI Study Guide Know(in...

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PSY 153 Mc/B - FHS - Chapter XI Study Guide Know (in general terms): 1. The definitions of the glossary terms in the margins which are not specifically cited in the study guide items below (sure thing) 2. How to distinguish between rape , acquaintance rape , statutory rape and sexual assault Rape- intercourse but force or threat without consent Acquaintance rape- nonconsensual sex between acquainted individuals Statutory rape- sex with underage Sexual assault- coercive sexual contact 3. What research studies have found about the prevalence of rape of U.S. women- 15- 25% 4. What characterizes women who appear to be raped at a higher rate than others- poor, never married, divorced, separated, urbanites, young 5. What Waldner-Haugrud and Gratch (1997) expected and what they found instead (See Close Up, p 333)- expected- some form of coercion would be found more in gay relationships than lesbians, really- the diff wasn’t stat signif 6. The statistics in re: (in regard to) acquaintance rape- 82% 7. What characterizes date rape - nonconsensual sex btw ppl that are dating or on a date 8. The two ways alcohol influences women and the two ways it influences men in re: rape- women- impair ability to resist attacks, unable to perceive signs that attack is imminent, men- decreases responsibility, makes him feel women zre ezsy so he can rationalize 9. The differences in the ways the sexes interpret each other's behavior and what complicates this situation- men interp womens actions in a more sexualized ay, men overestimate their dates interest in sex, misread real resistance as token resist 10. How to discuss the relationship of location to rape- 1 st place- apts or homes, twice as likely @ his place, 2 nd - cars or dorms 11. The legal status of marital rape, how it is viewed generally, and to what effect-
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chap 11 - PSY 153 Mc/B FHS Chapter XI Study Guide Know(in...

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