Lecture notes-2 - NTR 311 a. My Pyramid (1/22 lecture) i....

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NTR 311 a. My Pyramid (1/22 lecture) i. History 1. Early 1900’s focus was on keeping people health 2. 1950’s—became daily food guide 3. Became basic 4 food groups 1970’s 4. Food guide pyramid in 1992 a. Negative i. Was vague in terms of serving size ii. Emphasis of carbs iii. Does not specify what is the best in each food group b. Positive i. Visual representation of what to limit 5. Mypyramid was in 2005 a. What you see b. Might be interpreted to include exercise and balances c. Seems more like an ad logo with no information d. May be geared to the tech saavy and therefore those who would need it the least ii. Reasons for revising 1. To ensure that the guidance reflects the latest nutrition science a. New nutrient standards—DRI b. New dietary guidelines c. Food consumption and composition data iii. Colors in my pyramid 1. Orange-grain 2. Green-vegetable
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3. Red-fruit 4. Purple-meat and bean 5. Blue-milk 6. Yellow –fat iv. Proportionality 1. In the dietary guidelines a. Adopt a balanced eating pattern i. Sufficient amount of fruits and veg. ii. 3 or more ounce equivalents of whole-grain products/day iii. 3 cup equivalents per day of fat-free or low-fat milk or milk products 2. In Mypyramid graphic
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Lecture notes-2 - NTR 311 a. My Pyramid (1/22 lecture) i....

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