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History Midterm Review - Midterm Review- History 101 In...

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Midterm Review- History 101 In this part of the exam, you will answer FIVE (5) of seven IDs. In your answer, be sure to identify the term, concept, or individual AND to discuss its significance for modern European history. Your answers should be in complete sentences and should be as detailed as possible. Napoleon Bonaparte: Frenchman who was named consul for life in 1804 at age 30 after being brigadier general, and commander of the French armies. The significance of Napoleon is that he was the first leader after the revolution, leading a more autocratic government than that of the old regime, and eventually establishes domestic policies that spread throughout Europe. Maxilmilien Robespierre: leader of the Jacobins and the Committee of Public Safety, who was executed after become a dominant figure in the Reign of Terror. Robespierre is a significant figure because his Committee of Public Safety created the “Reign of Terror” in the radical stage of the revolution, which lead to execution of thousands in an effort to purify the body politic of all corruption. By keeping the nation in arms, this preserved the French Revolution and prevented it from being destroyed by its foreign enemies who would have reestablished old monarchial order. King Henry VIII: King of England who started the Protestant Reformation in England, all in a search for a male heir. Henry VIII is significant because his efforts to divorce Catherine of Aragon and marry Anne Boleyn lead to him severing all ties with the Pope and Catholic Church and bringing Protestantism to England. Louis XVI:
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History Midterm Review - Midterm Review- History 101 In...

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