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Kidney Osmoregulation: Salt + Water Balance Ÿ Iso osmotic: equal Ÿ hypo osmotic: low Ÿ hyper osmotic: high Nephron Ÿ Functions: excretion of waste and unwanted products of metabolism salt and water balance (osmoregulation) Ÿ Fuctional unit of the kidney consisting of glomerulus’s and Bowman’s capsule Ÿ Glomerulus: long tubule and ball of capillaries Ÿ Bowman’s capsule: cup-shaped swelling surrounding glomerulus’s Ÿ 80% cortical nephron with reduce loops of Henle, 20% juxtamedullary nephron extend into renal medulla Blood vessel Ÿ Afferent arteriole: supplies nephron with blood that subdivides into capillaries of the glomerulus Ÿ Efferent ateriole: convergence of capillaries as they leave the glomerulus Ÿ Efferent arteriole subdivides into per tubular capillaries surrounding proximal and distal tubules Ÿ Vasa recta: capillaries that serve the loop of Henle Separation of unwanted from wanted molecules 1. Filtration: takes place within glomerulus to filtration and have gaps that allows only certain things to go thru (5% of blood is filtered) allows passing of blood cells and proteins stay behind Glomerulus à Bowman’s capsule à proximal tubule , loop of Henle, and distale tubule à collecting duct à renal pelvis à ureter 2. Reabsorption: picks wanted molecules and move from tubule back to the blood cell in the 2
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Kidney.wps - Kidney Osmoregulation: Salt + Water Balance...

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