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Chapter 6 Notes- Structure of the Drama

Chapter 6 Notes- Structure of the Drama - characters Not...

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REL 101 Notes 03/24/08 Chapter 6 Notes: Structure of the Drama Aristotle’s Six Elements In Poetics he said that man by nature is imitative. Only animal who has the ability to imitate. We like to mimic. Theatre gives the audience and the actor pleasure through imitation. Theatre = seeing place Drama = the thing done, to do, the action 1) PLOT – heart of the matter. Plot is not the story but the arrangement of the story or the events. Sequence of events. What people come to see is the plot. 2) CHARACTER – people who do the actions. They advance the plot. What people do. Better playwright will have better more developed
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Unformatted text preview: characters. Not one dimensional 3) LANGUAGE - not exclusively the spoken word. Need to understand metaphor. Includes the signs and the symbols. Everything else that carries the playwright’s message. ‘Body language” Words cloth an intellectual idea or a felt feeling. Don’t need to use words to express message. David Mamet –“word smith” doesn’t use too many words but chooses his words carefully. VERY IMPORTANT 4) MEANING/THEME 5) MUSIC 6) Spectacle 3 types of play structure in West 1) Climatic 2) Episodic 3) Situational...
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