Greek Theatre - space Required “oversize” vocal and...

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Greek Theatre No women allowed Terms 1) orchestra circular playing space, performers are view from all sides and scenic function was not considered. Audience sat on hillside to watch. 2) thymele – stone altar in center of orchestra where they made sacrifice to Gods before play. (Ex. Goats) Never showed blood during acting, you only heard about the war. Changed Develop 3) skene – wooden hut, brightly painted and decorated, beginning of scenery. Showed perspective 4) Eccyclema – something rolled on and off stage. Scenery 5) Dues ex Machina – special effect machinery. 6) Periaktoi – rotating door that symbolizes scenery change. Reveals both sides. Masks –Greeks liked masks - Female mask was one of several types - Mask was built of wood, plaster, and painted linen. - Tragic masks projected a strong facial expression suited to a large theatrical
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Unformatted text preview: space. Required “oversize” vocal and gesture style Roman Theatre (200 BC) Improve, modified Greek theatre Took all Greek Gods and renamed them Naumchia – a spectacular roman arena that could be flooded for staging of aquatic battles. Flooded ports to show sea battles. When drained thousands of dead slaves on bottom. Vomitorium – an access passage in a Roman theatre The Middle Ages (900 AD) Every town had a church with Catholic rituals/mass. People were bored so they started to perform Biblical plays. Rome didn’t approve and kicked them out of church and made them perform in public square. Trope – chanted dialogue (Middle Ages) happened in church to make it interesting Platea – playing space Mansion – small hut with the scenery in it Pageant Wagon – mansions but on wheels...
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Greek Theatre - space Required “oversize” vocal and...

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