Time Lecture - THA 101 Notes 01/23/08 The Five People You...

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THA 101 Notes 01/23/08 The Five People You Meet in Heaven Their Eyes were Watching God Death of a Salesman Prelude Notes What is man? Who are we? Why do we fear mortality? - Precarious journey – word comes from prey Everyone is going to die but where do they go? Why do we need these Gods? Who are we to create art? We have images of who we are. TS Eliot - “ The Hollow Men” Time Lecture – Old/New Is time living me or am I living in time? - As human beings we swing between memorable times (gems), forgettable time, lost time (disconnected), and found time (in the moment). - “When in doubt, move slowly.” Thorough - Unless we do slow down and savior time our own life experiences have no clarity, no depth, and no meaning. Where did time go for human beings? Native American Folklore – Mink, at great peril, goes out to steal time. Does so successfully. When he did, time owned him and owned the people. We live out of tempo with nature’s rhythm. Nature is a big theme so we lost our ability to life beyond time when we got out of time. How do we use our time? Old Stone Age Man vs. New Stone Age Man Old Stone Age Man is where we have the inklings of a spiritual consciousness. Man between 25000 – 15000 BC. Fidelity to Nature.
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New Stone Age Man occurs in very important age when we become planters and gathers. Around 8000 BC. Lost Nature Early 1800s Mary Shelly wrote Frankenstein and wrote another book after she lost her three children called The Last Man . – it was set in the 21 st century when Turkey and Greece are in war. There is a plaque. Cloverfield – I am Legend
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Time Lecture - THA 101 Notes 01/23/08 The Five People You...

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