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Playwright Lecture - How does a playwright begin?-Not...

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THA Notes 03/03/08 Playwright Lecture - Playwrights develop the blueprint for the house not built - Writers write plays that they expect to be performed not shelved - Play is playwright’s world put into a pattern and tries to persuade the audience to enter their world - There is an aesthetic difference between the audience and the art. You know you are safe and the actor is not suffering but you feel their suffering. - Tools to “infect” the audience 1) Plot – plot is not story. Presentation of story that makes the audience stay with him. Very Western idea. Poetics – Aristotle defines tragedy for first time. Examines how the play was put together. 2) Character – what the audience sees. Connection of plot to the audience. Characters must advance the action or plot. 3) Language – rational construct. Language helps make plays performable.
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Unformatted text preview: How does a playwright begin?-Not exact science -Look over people mentioned in book-Everyone starts differently-Sometimes starts with an idea-Others start with theme-Some start with a dreamscape -Some start with image-Others start with notes on actions-Sometimes there is an unusual character that starts a play-Some writes take current events about real life people or people in the past that have interesting history. Own experiences-Last from book: Play can start from situation -There are no rules of writing Death of a Salesman – example of modern tragedy without the traditional tragic hero. Willy Lohman was originally described as a “shrimp.” Duston Hoffman really wanted role so description was changed to “walrus.” Study the Playwrights in the Book!...
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Playwright Lecture - How does a playwright begin?-Not...

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