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THA 101 Notes 02/01/08 Ritual Lecture 1) Rituals are a form of knowledge - Belief systems are embedded - We see what we belief in front of us - Cosmos – elegant order 2) Rituals very often are didactic (Preachy) - Trying to tell you something and educate the group 3) Rituals may be extended to influence nature - Alas they do hold sympathetic magic – has to do with fertility
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Unformatted text preview: 4) Rituals may be used to glorify- Theatre glorifies what it means to be humans. We glorify ourselves. 5) Rituals entertain and give pleasure Rituals and Myth are related: 1) pleasure – food, sex, shelter, and parenthood 2) power – with power comes the urge 2 conquer and urge to consume 3) duty – 2 family, 2 country, 2 lover, and nature, values...
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