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Thyrotropins Fnx of Mn TSH highly conserved in all verterbrate groups. However, MN TSH not effective in hagfishes Bullfrog TSH is thyrotrophic in anurans and amphibians but not effective in mammals and birds. Receptor differences? Polypeptides: Prolactin 400+ actions - so can categorize 1. Water and electrolyte balance 2. Growth and development 3. Metabolism 4. Behavior 5. Reproduction 6. Immune Function Note: 2-6 seem to have been acquired through evolution. The major role in Telosts is osmotic regulation in freshwater, also true in humans during development. And it seems that the prolactin molecule has undergone numerous changes. And mammalian prolactin will work in fishes, however vise versa won’t work. Prolactin actions in birds - crop sac Columbiformes These birds don’t go gather food in early development phase They develop a crop sac and it is what they regurgetate milk to feed their young; similar to mammary glands production milk. (squab---young pigeon)
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