22 - 3/31/08 PRL and GH in Amphibians (review from 3/21/08)...

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3/31/08 PRL and GH in Amphibians (review from 3/21/08) Confusing, as PRL might be the larval form of GH GH might only operate in metamorphosed animals Frog GH and mammalian GH are very similar in structure and physical properties, suggesting that GH is highly conserved during evolution of the tetrapods. However, frog GH not as effective as bovine GH in rat tibia bioassay ( read in Noris) Remember hypoectamized rats looking at end plates of tibia IGF has been seen in toads, but no link to GH or PRL known as yet. Not well- studied. PRL and GH in Reptiles Little known, overall Mm PRL can stimulate growth in juvenile snapping turtles Possible effect of PRL on glomerular filtration in lizards. remember PRL is highly active in ion balance in lizards PRL can influence tail re-growth in lizards PRL and GH can stimulate appetite and overall growth in lizards GH causes splanchnomegaly (increased growth of digestive tract)… which is associated with incr. food intake Somatotropic Effects of Exogenous Prolacting and Growth Hormone in Juvenile Lizards (Lacerta s. sicula) By: Paul Licht and Hermien Hoyer General and comparative endocrinology Problems with design Captured a lot of juvenile Lacerta sicula lizards and they tested effects of daily injects of various hormones on food intake Body length: tip of snout to anus (tail wouldn’t be good, cuz can vary in growth) Started of with 1microgram per day For the first 40days of treatment there weren’t any huge changes in body mass, so they really increased the levels to 10micrograms per day and then
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22 - 3/31/08 PRL and GH in Amphibians (review from 3/21/08)...

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