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West Nile Update - Colon/e w “W55 FROM 111$ Page 2 July...

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Unformatted text preview: Colon/e w) “W55 FROM : 111$ Page 2 July, 2001 West Nile Virus Update The Town of Colonie is working hard to minimize briquettes into all catch basins the impact of the West Nile Virus (WNV) within that have stagnant water. This / its borders in 2001. Being under the Albany process will continue, by fire district, until the County Department of Health’s (ACDOH) entire Town is covered. In early fall, this may be jurisdiction regarding public health issues, the repeated, if necessary; However, this time only 30, Town is mandated to follow Albany County day “ALTOSID” briquettes will be used. All work Department of Health’s WNV Plan. This plan, will be performed under the supervision of the which will be briefly discussed below, is aimed at ACDOH. The Town has not and will not be minimizing the risks associated with the virus. treating streams, ponds, wetlands, or low areas on private property. “Dunks" can be purchased by homeowners for private property treatments. As you may recall, in August 2000, the ACDOl-l was notified of the positive identification of the There are no current plans for spraying in the WNV in a crow found in the vicinity of Osborne Town. In the event of a confirmed case of WNV Road between Albany’Shaker Road and Route 9 in either a human or a horse, spraying may then be in the Town. Fortunately, after taking various considered. 501er the ACDOH will make this steps to address this problem, to our knowledge decision after consultation with Town officials. there were no cases of WNV’related illness reported in Albany County in 2000. And, although no confirmed cases of the virus have occurred in the Town this year, steps have already been taken by County officials to address this health concern should it again occur within Colonie. More specifically, the ACDOH has developed a WNV Control Plan, based upon statewide recommendations, that emphasizes education and nonvpesticide methods of eliminat- ing mosquito‘breeding sites. It is important to remember that at this time there is no evidence that WNV is present in Colonie. The larvicide application is a preventive measure consistent with WNV prevention and control recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the NYS Dept. of Health. While this larvicide treatment is an important component of WNV prevention and control activities in Albany County, all Town residents are reminded of the very important role they play in reducing mosquito breeding sites in A public education campaign is underway their own backyards. providing simple methods of protection from mosquito bites and ways of reducing mosquito; breeding sites within the Town. By educating Town residents, the possiblity of having a WNV— related illness is decreased. This campaign is being channeled through this newsletter, our Town website and local newspapers such as the Times Union and Colonie Spotlight. The Town’s approach, guided by the ACDOH and New York State, is based on the realization that control measures will most likely not eradicate WNV from Colonic. Therefore, the goal is to prevent amplification of the virus to the extent that it places humans and domestic animals at risk of serious} illness. “As always my primary concern is with the a 1504133; residual mosquito larvicide residents of the Town of Colonie,” said Supervisor nning ]une lst in the Brizzell, “I want them to be informed and to know County‘s WNV their health and safety is what we are trying to prevention and control activities. Town protect.” Supervisor Brizzell and the Town thank “ALTOSID” you for your understanding and cooperation. employees began installing 150’day olonie Listed As 9th Safest Community In America! As Supervisor Brizzell mentioned in her message, Colonie was ranked 9‘h in a national study of he US. for the 2““l year in a row. The study included cities and towns with a population of at least 75,000 people and was conducted by Morgan Quinto Press, an independent private research and publishing company. Rankings were assigned by comparing the statistics of murder, rape, robbery, assault, burglary and theft to that of the national average. In addition to the Town’s public education campaign, treatment was applied begi Town as a routine step in Albany safest municipalities in t ud of these accomplishments ief John P. Grebert, are especially pro lity of life within the Town Town officials, including Ch d efforts to further enhance the qua and are committed to continue of Colonie. ...
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