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April 16, 2007 Dear George, How is life treating you? Me? I’m fine. My name is Jenee S. Berry and the year is 2070. I am fifteen years old and I am in the 9 th grade. Since you are living in the year of 2070 I know that things are very different for you. What is life like? Who is president? How do you all get around? Please write me back with detailed answers. I would really like to know. I also have other questions that I would like you to answer about the Ozone Layer. Ozone depletion is a matter that I and my people face everyday. We are restricted from
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Unformatted text preview: using certain products because the Ozone is in bad shape. No CFCs are allowed, if we do use them we will be punished. Why would you and your people cause these problems? Every year there is an increase of cancer patients because of the UV rays. The UV rays also affect our crops and marine food webs. This is a disaster! George I am so eager to hear your answers. My people and I just need to know the truth. If it is possible please try and cut down on CFCs. Please do it for the sake of my people! Thanks Jenee S. Berry...
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