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Berry, Jenee Unit Test 2 - Part B 0. Make sure you save this file as your lastname_firstname_test2b, if not choose menu File -> Save As, and name it as your lastname_firstname_test2b, wrong file name will not be graded. 1. Set the header to be your lastname, firstname, and alignment center. 2. Set the header to be page number, and alignment right. 3. Insert a clip art of your choice here; resize it to 1 inch high by its proportion. 1 4. Set the text wraps tight around the clip art. 5. Create a footnote after the clip art, type “Clip art from Microsoft Word” as the footnote. 6. Make the table alignment center horizontally and vertically.
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Unformatted text preview: Name Address Phone Huang, Sharon 1234 Lake Austin Blvd, Denton, TX 76201 940-123-1234 MCL419, TWU 940-898-2164 7. Merge the cell “Huang, Sharon” and the cell under it. 8. Make the paragraph number 0 of this document to be two columns. 9. Draw an auto shape of star below with fill in color from blue to red, round dot dashed line, line width 3 points. 10. Create a Word Art besides the star with text “Over” with any designed style. 11. Save and send the file to drop box. 1 Clip art from Microsoft Word...
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