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Exam2Review sheet - • IQ test • Phonic vs whole...

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Developmental Psychology 1603 1 Exam #2 Reviews Make sure you familiarize with the following concepts, theories or terms, the knowledge associated with them. Myelination Corpus callosum Early childhood educational system Children’s physical growth Children’s fine motor progress Cause of childhood death Piaget’s stages. Vygotsky’s theory Play Corporal punishment Child abuse Parenting Gender typing, schema, role Media violence Obesity/Overweight Sports
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Unformatted text preview: • IQ test • Phonic vs. whole language approach • Bem Sex-Role Inventory • Self-esteem • Middle childhood’s emotional intelligence • Androgyny • Bullying • Adolescents: physical development • Adolescents: peer relationships • Parental roles in adolescents. • Substance abuse problem • Hypothetical-deductive reasoning • Top-dog • Rite of passage • Anorexia • Kohlberg’s theory • Hypothalamus • Pituitary • Gonads...
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