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Scene de las Mariposas 1. Secene with the following members a. Moncho: el hijo de Rosa b. Antionio: El hermano de Moncho c. Don Gregorio: the school teacher d. Jose Maria: a friend of Monchos 2. Talking about how don Gregorio is a great school teacher a. Talking about how potatoes are now one of the main sources of food for Spain b. Talking about one of the great Spanish explorers “Colon” c. The mother thinks that the teacher is good, but. . 3. The teacher does not believe in god a. Moncho knows this, but does not know why this is a bad thing i. Not believing in god, in Galcia, a very conservative part of Espana, is a serious
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Unformatted text preview: crime. ii. This is before the Guerra Civil, when those of strong Christian backgrounds backed Franco, the dictator iii. Mother asks why don Gregorio is talking about the story of Cain and Abel 4. Moncho knows his father does not believe in god a. This causes some tension with his mother, illustrated by the boiling pot in the scene. b. The mother explains that father believes in God, just like everyone else c. Everyone who is “good” also believes in God 5. The child asks about the devil a. The mother answer that the devil is also an angel, but simply does bad things...
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