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Audience Analysis Planning: Upon completion of this unit, students will know how audience composition can affect attention to and retention of a speech, students will be able to gather information on their audiences and adapt their speeches according to those results, and students will appreciate the importance of audience analysis and adaptation. Preparing: Time allotted: 50 minutes Materials needed: Lecture notes Copies of Informative Assignment #1 Lecture: Yesterday was my wife’s birthday. After she got home from work, we went to buy her birthday present, a new headboard for the bed. Pier 1 had one of these headboards left, so they put a tag on it so I can rent a truck and pick it up tomorrow. After that, we went to Paisano’s for dinner. The fettuccine and pesto I had was delicious, and my wife has the pesto ravioli. We had a very good time. (1 min/1 min) Audience Analysis (15 min/16 min) Identification—review Relevant variables in identification
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Unformatted text preview: Demographics-age, gender, race, heterogeneity Culture—self-interest, personal interest, belief and values, prior knowledge, common touchstones, Ask: what do you need to know to get through to your audience? Listening—getting through is the hard part (15 min/31 min) Selectiveness Exposure—seek out messages they agree with Attention—paying attention or not Retention—organize information according to a preexisting schema Activity: (9 min/40 min) Quick answers: What was my wife’s birthday present? Where did we have dinner? What birthday was this for my wife? Unpack: How many did you get right? It’s been 30 minutes, how did you forget so quickly? Why did you not remember? Choose not to pay attention (selective attention)? Not know about Pier 1 and Paisano’s(selective retention)? Why did you think you knew how old my wife was? Discuss informative #1 assignment (10 min/50 min)...
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