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Communication Anxiety

Communication Anxiety - emotional breakdown Positive...

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Communication Anxiety Planning: Upon completion of this lecture, students will understand what communication anxiety is and how it can affect a speech. Students will be able to identify their anxiety and take measures to reduce it to a manageable level. Students will also appreciate the importance of communication anxiety in their own speeches Preparing: Time available: 50 minutes Materials needed: Attentive students, 3 volunteers Slips of paper to draw for speech times Presenting: Administration: Pass around sign-in sheet (1 min/1 min) Pass back syllabi/participation forms (4 min/15 min) Assign speech days (10 min/11 min) Discussion: Who has experienced communication anxiety? What does CA feel like? (5 min/20 min) How does CA affect performance? If you’re anxious/apprehensive, how does that manifest itself in your speech? Feel more nervous than you look May not affect performance at all Negative effects—movement/fidgeting, vocal quality,
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Unformatted text preview: emotional breakdown Positive effects—focus on quality, extra preparation Can you be too comfortable? What might happen? What can we do to reduce CA? (12 min/42 min) Preparation—focus on quality, confidence in the material Practice—practice like you play Anticipate—know that you may get anxious, be ready to deal with it Visualization—see yourself doing it well, then do it well Positive self-talk Activity: Chinese Power Spheres (8 min/50 min) 1. Ask for three students to volunteer to come to the front of the room. 2. Select the first student and unzip her/his power sphere with his/her eyes closed 3. Select the second student and unzip power sphere with eyes open 4. Select the third student and verbally abuse her/him 5. What effect do you think self-esteem might have on your performance?...
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