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Ethics Planning: Upon completion of this unit, students will know some of the principles of ethical conduct in public speaking, be able to apply those principles both reflexively and to others, and appreciate the value of ethical public speaking. Planning Time allotted: 50 minutes Materials needed: Chalkboard Presenting Administration—pass around sign-in sheet Midterm review Pass out numbered test forms according to alphabetical order Pass out answer sheets Allow students time to compare multiple choice answers Discuss short answer questions individually
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Unformatted text preview: Discuss expectations for the essay Collect all answer sheets and test forms Ethics DiscussionWhat are ethics? (Beliefs, values, and morals by which we determine what is right or wrong) Quickwrite3 ptsHow can a speaker demonstrate good ethics? Can we have competing ethics? How do we choose between competing ethical principles? Is there anything that is inherently, universally unethical? How should we react to unethical speaking/speakers? Is ethics linked to effect?...
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