9-24 Early Republic - •Early RepublicoGeorge Washington...

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Unformatted text preview: 9-24-07•Early RepublicoGeorge Washington elected presidentoCongress passed Bill of RightsoCongress addressed economy and debtoJudiciary Act of 1789Set Supreme Court justices at sixEstablishes SC jurisdictionCreated 13 judicial districtsEstablish circuit courts and district courtsoAlexander HamiltonProtégé of George WashingtonSecretary of the TreasuryElitistPrepared a financial plan and report of Congress9-27-07Cont… Early RepublicoReport on the Public CreditUS owed about $80 millionHamilton wanted the government to assume all the debt•Some problems gaining support•Southern states did not like the planoBecause the south did not owe as much money•Northern states favored the plan•Compromise was reached•Plan was approved•New national capital to be on the Potomac RiverNational Bank: Bank of the United States•Hamilton believed one should be created...
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9-24 Early Republic - •Early RepublicoGeorge Washington...

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